LEGAL FOR LEGAL–that’s our edge. Continental Languages, LLC, is owned and operated by an attorney. Our advantage is that we know the importance of securing a linguist whose experience and proficiency will guide them in interpreting exactly what your client is communicating. Our principal, Danette Garza, JD, MBA, CPA, recognizes and understands the industry from a client’s point of view, and she implements that knowledge and philosophy in directing the company.

Let us know what your interpreting needs consist of, and our team will suggest ideal solutions for you, such as:

On site interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous), over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), video remote interpreting (VRI) for your: arbitrations, depositions, hearings, trials, preps, consultations.

Interpreter Qualifications–Our interpreters come to us from diverse backgrounds. Their skill sets encompass many different backgrounds, including their length of experience, honed skills, state & federal certifications, and association affiliations.  Just ask–interpreter credentials are available.

Find out how Continental Languages, LLC, can assist you in bridging the communication gap–view our services: